Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Blog Shout Outs!

As an artist, I believe that it is extremely important to support my fellow artists and their passions.
So I've decided that about every 2 months or so I'll post a few links, so shout outs, to some of the blogs/channels that I enjoy visiting and checking regularly.
Not all the blogs may be animation related because I do love a variety of different things!
If you have time, I'd really appreciate you checking these amazing people out!

So, here are my shout outs for April 2012:

Sean Phillips
Sean is by far one of the funniest film makers I've seen around youtube and one of the funniest people I know ontop of that.
After watching just one of his videos, I couldn't help but go and watch the rest of the videos he's uploaded!
Each second was filled with something new and creative that had me at the edge of my seat in anticipation to see what would come next!
If you're looking for a good laugh, his youtube channel is the place to go!
Sean also has a tumblr that he updates very frequently with lots of "meme" images and viral images.
If you're a fan of sites like 9gag then be sure to give his tumblr a look as well!

Christine Biala
Christine, one of my amazing classmates, is an artist that I've looked up to for quite sometime now.
She has one of the most memorable styles I've ever seen and I am always inspired every time I see her work.
Everything she draws has so much personality and attitude that her characters practically come to life before your very eyes!
Her sketchbook is definitely a sight to behold and if you ever get the chance to see it, prepare to be amazed!

Victor Robles
Victor is one of my friends who got accepted into Sheridan's animation program this year.
His work... oh man where do I start? Victor's work captures movement so amazingly well that you'll feel your eyes just swim across his drawings.
His life drawings are one of my favourite things to go back to and check out because he has a very good understanding on anatomy, perspective and overall mood.
Keep an eye out for him next year! I guarantee you will see Victor's art all over the life drawing display!

Greg Fairey
Greg is another friend of mine who got accepted into Sheridan's animation course this year.
Though I just recently got my hands on the url to his blog, I know this will become a blog I'll be visiting on a regular basis.
Greg is, by far, one of the fastest learners I have seen in a long time when it comes to art and he is extremely passionate about what he does.
His work continues to get stronger and stronger by each picture he draws and he is very strong in the sense of using camera angles to his advantage.
When it comes to the idea of story telling, Greg is the artist to look to!

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