Sunday, 27 November 2011

Gouache Texture Paintings

Hurray for more work in gouache!
Here are a few texture paintings done in this medium.

Enjoy ~<3

Leaf and Red Ink/Blood Dripped into Water

Water Droplets and Scales

After Effects ~ 2D to 3D Layering

Once again, trying out new programs...
Here is Adobe After Effects!
This exercise was fairly simple, a few 2D drawings and how to make them appear three dimensional...
Oh! And how to move the camera plus some sort of effect on one of the layers... hence the glowing Daikon from my rotation hahaha!
All of the images used were done by me.
If the time says 0:00 just hit play and it will load!

Enjoy ~<3

Cuttlefish ~ Animation

Here is my marine animal animation!
I had a lot of fun animating the cuttlefish but that side body fin... oh dear.
I will be sure to go back and fix that up!
At least the tentacles came out nice haha
If the time says 0:00 just hit play and it will load!

Enjoy ~<3

Book Page Turn ~ Animation

My book page turn animation!
If the time says 0:00 just hit play and it will load!

Enjoy ~<3

Dex ~ Rough Expression Sheet

New character project! Woot!
Here is my character Dex the puppy and 12 of his expressions.
I'll be cleaning this up and coloring it this week.

Enjoy ~<3

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Updated Qwuzanku

I was thinking about simplified styles and decided to throw one on my personal character Qwuzanku.
She turned out really cute and I just may animate her at some point!

Qwuzanku (c) Krista-Marie Porter (Me)

Enjoy ~<3

Pan Project 1

More beginner's fun in Toon Boom!
This week we learned about Pans.
If the time says 0:00 just hit play and it will load!

Enjoy ~<3

Bubz ~ Character Poses

Here is my character Bubz :)
We had to create 8-10 poses for our characters.

Enjoy ~<3

Cloud Painting

Wooot! Here is my cloud/sky painting for class :)
I wasn't supposed to put anything in the foreground... godsh darn.

Enjoy ~<3

Finished Piece

Gauche Practicing

Cloud Thumbnails

Cloud Gradiation Practicing and Tryouts

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Late Post ~ Sonic Generations

Sorry for not posting yesterday everybody!
I was feeling really sick after some Halloween fun and just managed to get out and pick up my copy of Sonic Generations. The game is amazing and all of us classic genesis players will be mind blown once they experience the game play!
I will update later on this week!

Hope you all had a good Halloween!