About Me

Krista-Marie Porter
(Photo by Meeland Mansour)

Hello there and thank you very much for taking the time to look through my work! My name is Krista-Marie Porter and I am currently located in Oakville, Ontario Canada. At this time, I am studying at Sheridan College and am in my fourth year of the Bachelor of Applied Arts Animation (BAAA) program. I have been studying at Sheridan now for almost 5 years, starting with the Art Fundamentals program, and will be graduating from Animation at the end of the school year in 2015.

So far, I have worked on a select few feature films such as I am Number Four, Immortals and Silent Hill 2 with the company XYZ-RGB doing image masking, 3D mesh work and 3D model work. I hope to further develop my skills in the 3D world to a more advanced level in the next few years. This summer I worked as a Flash animator on the show Teen Titans GO! at Copernicus located in Haliax.

I'm interested in anything character related, story developing, and acting as well as 2D animation. When it comes to my work, I love to receive critiques and feedback so I know where to improve in the areas that I am weak in. I am very dedicated in learning new skills, techniques and styles as well as taking any extra step to improve my work. I do all of my work digitally on my Cintiq with the exception of when I life draw.

If you wish to contact me at any time please feel free! You can find my contact information to the right of this post as well as on the Contact Me page.

Once again, thank you very much for your time!
I hope you enjoy my work and come back soon!