Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sneak Peek!!

Because I missed last week's update not only did you guys get a HUGE update today, but you also get a sneak peek on the animation I am currently working on!
Ooo! Ahh!
Right now only the front legs are animated haha.
Sorry for the slight noise from the video when you play it;
I recorded the animation from the computer with my phone.
If the time says 0:00 hit play to begin the video!

Enjoy ~<3

Sir Alexander Francis Xavier III On Display

This was an excellent surprise!
Sir Alexander Francis Xavier III was put into the display case!

Thank you for the support everyone! <3

Turk ~ Cut Out Animation

Haha! Remember this guy?
This was the project Turk was used for: a cut out animation.
I've never done an animation like this before though I have seen them done a lot on youtube. Personally, I am not a big fan of this style but it is a lot of fun to animate!!!
In this assignment we had to make our character move in someway and they had to jump.
Here is my end result.
If the time says 0:00 just hit play! It will load.

Enjoy ~<3

PS. His ears flying off his head when he is coming down from the jump was done on purpose.

Sketchbook Dump

Nothing is better than the feeling of cracking open a new sketchbook!
Here are a few sketches from my new sketchbook!

Enjoy ~<3

Dragons for layout class

3 of my personal creatures drawn within each other

Drawing of myself in one of the animation labs and a koi fish

Character of mine on a pet site

Hahaha, this was my costume design for if I was a giraffe princess

Another character of mine on a pet site

Not to sure who this is, just made her up

WIP sketch of myself on a giraffe

Drew this on the HUGE drawing sheet of paper taped on the wall outside our labs

Close up

Room Layout Drawings

Hey again!
Here I have some quick layout sketches I had to use for painting...
Haha well, I'm not to proud of how the painting came out but I am more than happy to share these!
Each drawing was inspied by a different song.

Enjoy ~<3

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What a Surprise!

Oh my goodness I don't even-!!
This was an amazing surprise to stroll into during our most recent animation lecture!
My character professor Enzo Avolio was showing our year some of the character time lines that are going to be put on display in the animation building and to my surprise look who popped up!
Sir Alexander Francis Xavier III!
Thank you everyone for the kind words towards my character and the positive feedback!
I really appreciate all of your kind words!

Enzo Avolio giving the thumbs up! :)


This is Turk. Turk is my fat, lazy ant eater.
Remember him....
(No seriously, remember him! He'll be showing up in a project soon!)

Enjoy ~<3

Sir Alexander Francis Xavier III ~ Character Time Line

Here is my character time line of Sir Alexander Francis Xavier III.
Yep you guessed it, the typical rich guy.

Enjoy ~<3

Baby, Child and Teen

Adult and Old

Life Drawing on Display

I never thought I'd see this day!
One of my life drawing projects made it onto the wall! Hurray!
This project had us draw the small model 3 times; twice as the opposite gender and as three different body types being obese, extremely unhealthy thin and super muscles.

Enjoy ~<3

Close up of my drawing

The wall
Great job everyone! Your drawings look amazing!
(Mine is in the top right corner)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Kuzco- Head Rotation/Lip Sync/Expression Change

Here we go! The final product!
Here is my head rotation, lip sync and expression change for Kuzco from the Emperor's New Groove.

Enjoy ~<3

Kuzco is (c) Disney
I do NOT own Kuzco in anyway!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Kuzco Head Rotation - Rough

This project is huge.. oh my!
Here we have to select any character, (Provided it is not an Anime character), and do a full head rotation followed by a lip sync and a reaction.
The lip sync is just a "Meow", but that doesn't make it super easy ahaha!

I'll be posting more of this soon!
If the time says 0:00 just hit the play button and it will start!

Enjoy ~<3

Kuzco is (c) Disney
I do NOT own Kuzco in anyway!