Friday, 26 April 2013

10 Days Until Disney World!

The official 10 day count down until I go for my week long vacation at Disney World!!!
I am beyond excited! I'll be gone from May 6th until May 13th so there will not be any updates during that time.
Hopefully the Orange Bird mascot will be out... I love that character!

Orange Bird (c) Disney

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Warm Up Drawing

I think I'm going to start trying to post a few of these faster drawings daily or bi-daily.
Anyways, here is today's warm up featuring my 2 dogs Thumper, on the left, and Shooter, on the right.


Monday, 22 April 2013

Finished Year 2!

I made it through year 2 of Sheridan's Animation program last week!
Now that I am almost free for the summer, (finishing up Resident Advisor duties), expect more sketchbook work and studies!

I'll be gone to Disney World from May 6th-13th so you guys can also look forward to some wicked pics!

Happy summer fellow students!

Final Layout Painting

For our last digi painting of the year, I decided to play around with a semi-run down looking room.
I had a lot of fun with this piece and really enjoyed creating something without relying on the usage of line work.


Final Layout Pieces

Here are the 5 final pieces I had to had in for my layout assignment.
The first 3 are a sequence, the fourth was used as a verticle pan and the fifth was used as an establishing shot.
The original .psd files have the camera movements and angles on them, however, for blog purposes I decided to just post the image.


Friday, 12 April 2013

Storyboard Digi Paintings

Here are backgrounds from my storyboards, as seen lower down this page, coloured in Photoshop.
I modified the horizontal pan from the beginning because I wanted to play around more with grass.


Beak Lip Sync Animation

I believe this voice track is appropriate.
The track is from the feature film Scott Pilgrim and says:

Scott: No why would I get fat?
Ramona: Bread makes you fat...

I do NOT own the voice track!!


Raspberry Bird 3D Model

Here is a 3D character I made for class....
I call him Raspberry Bird haha! I had a decent amount of fun on this project and didn't run into too many problems.


Year 2 Life Drawing Portfolio

I have a life drawing portfolio that I am pretty very proud of!!
Here are my favourite pieces from this year all ranging in the amount of time spent on the drawing.


Television Boards

Here is my sequence 3 of my original story completed as television storyboards.
Out all 3 sequences, this one in particular was selected to be boarded because it consists of all 4 characters.
It was a bit of a challenge learning how to draw the camera movements but I think I am getting the hang of it!