Monday, 5 August 2013

Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! Let's start the day off with a little bit of colour! Enjoy!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Odd Love

I love drawing Porcupines! They have such an amazing face shape and their head quills look like hair!
Although... I think getting close enough to snuggle one might be a challenge.


Anteater character Turk (c) Krista-Marie Porter all rights reserved.

Long time no see!

I'm sure all artists have that one original character that means the world and more to them...
I haven't drawn her in a while, but this is my original character Qwuzanku who was created by me back when I was a kid in 2006.
(Making her 7 years old! Wow!)

Although the character is stuck with a rather odd name, many of my most memorable art adventures began with this little lass.
It really feels nice to draw her again after so long haha.


Qwuzanku is (c) Krista-Marie Porter 2013 all rights reserved

Warm Up!

These new brushes I got for Photoshop are absolutely amazing! Here's a warm up drawing for today! Enjoy!