Friday, 22 April 2011

Nevik - 3D Project

Our final 3D project in Art Fundamentals was to create a 3D "statue" of a made up mythological creature that we had created.
I used my character, Nevik, whom I had created about two years back when I was in highschool...
The project was a lot of fun to do regardless of the many complications I ran into..aha!
Enjoy ~<3

Here is the final product!
Overall, I am pretty pleased with how Nevik came out although there are a few things I wish I could go back and change.
He was originally standing on his back legs but I guess the clay was too heavy and now Nevik is in some weird kind of front leg rearing pose..

Materials used: Wooden base, wire, clean clay, paint, fake hair, rocks, string, cardboard, hot glue and nylon butterfly wings
Height: About 3 inches taller than a large carton of milk
Length: About 2 inches longer than a small bottle of ketchup
Completion time: 5+ hours

Final product 2

Final Product 3

This is what Nevik looked like without being painted and accessorized.
Work in progress 1

Work in progress 2

Concept sketch 1

Concept sketch 2

Concept sketch 3

Concept sketch 4

Concept sketch 5

Concept sketch 6

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Emperor Kuzco Disney Style Study (2010)

When I first got to Sheridan, around October time, I decided to try and learn a thing or two about Disney's famous style.
(Well, not only to learn but to get comfortable with trying out new art styles)
Anywho, Emperor Kuzco was my crash test dummy and over all I think I did a pretty good job at the time...
Enjoy ~<3

Llama Emperor Kuzco expression sheet

Llama Emperor Kuzco

Emperor Kuzco expression sheet 1

Emperor Kuzco expression sheet 2

Emperor Kuzco

Sketches from 2010

Here are some of my older sketches from 2010...
Most of them were drawn during my Christmas vacation surprisingly aha!
Enjoy ~<3

My character Qwuzanku (top) and my friend Kristin's character Akkedo (bottom)

Dragon/Bird creature design

Caricature of myself with Qwu on my head...ahaha!!

Second caricature of myself

Third caricature of myself

(Sorry, I used a non-photo blue pencil so the drawing comes out very faint when scanned/photographed)

Griffin drawn on the airplane ride to Jamaica