Friday, 22 April 2011

Nevik - 3D Project

Our final 3D project in Art Fundamentals was to create a 3D "statue" of a made up mythological creature that we had created.
I used my character, Nevik, whom I had created about two years back when I was in highschool...
The project was a lot of fun to do regardless of the many complications I ran into..aha!
Enjoy ~<3

Here is the final product!
Overall, I am pretty pleased with how Nevik came out although there are a few things I wish I could go back and change.
He was originally standing on his back legs but I guess the clay was too heavy and now Nevik is in some weird kind of front leg rearing pose..

Materials used: Wooden base, wire, clean clay, paint, fake hair, rocks, string, cardboard, hot glue and nylon butterfly wings
Height: About 3 inches taller than a large carton of milk
Length: About 2 inches longer than a small bottle of ketchup
Completion time: 5+ hours

Final product 2

Final Product 3

This is what Nevik looked like without being painted and accessorized.
Work in progress 1

Work in progress 2

Concept sketch 1

Concept sketch 2

Concept sketch 3

Concept sketch 4

Concept sketch 5

Concept sketch 6


  1. Cool, I remember this whole thing from when it was just a sketch lol. Great job!