Friday, 23 November 2012

Character Walk Run Animation

The character walk and run.
I am VERY proud with how the walk and run turned out!!!
The character interaction I animated for practice... I need to work on timing.


Layout 02 - Streets

Using the concept thumbnails from our professor, we had to redraw the images and add a tonal to it in marker.
The tonal was not asked to be detailed, just enough to show depth.
I free handed both drawings so I'm happy to see the areas that need improvement. Now I know what to work on.


Friday, 16 November 2012

Character Highlite

I was really excited to see my latest character project was one of the highlites!
Here are a couple pictures I managed to snap!

Royal Winter Fair

Another successful trip to the RWF!
Here are the sketches and studies I did of a few of the animals I saw.


Painting Interior

A lot of people chose to do house interiors, but I decided to step outside of the norm and try painting a cave.
There was a lot of trial and error in this painting, but I did learn quite a bit from this assignment.


Final Painting

Colour Studies

Tonal Studies

Trying out airbrush... didn't go so well haha!

Trying out Disney's Paperman Style

After seeing Disney's newest short Paperman a few times, I was really inspired by the style that they used.
I decided to quickly try it out, nothing too serious, but just enough of a trial to get a rough feeling for the style.
It definitely had me thinking outside of my normal style which I really enjoyed.
I wasn't aiming for perfection with these sketches... just wanted to get the feel of something new.
Maybe I'll come back to this style and try it out on a more serious level... we'll see.

Paperman (c) Disney
Style was reference from Disney's Paperman

Friday, 2 November 2012

Mid-Term Animation Highlite!

I cannot believe my eyes!!!
My mid-term animation, the weight lift and toss, was one of the highlites out of all the weight lift and toss projects!
I've never animated before until I came to Sheridan, so although this may be something small, it really encourages me to keep up the good work.
Here are a couple pics of my animation on the big screen.
Thank you to everyone who critiqued my work! I appreciate it!

Layouts and Tonals

Instead of cars and chairs, this time we have trees, castles and a few characters!
All of these drawings were based off our professor's thumbnails, as requested, drawn in pencil, scanned and then toned with marker.
Some of the lighter marker tones seemed to have been washed out from the scan so I'll have to look into fixing that soon.
The tonals were meant to be kept flat so that only a sense of depth was given versus shading all the details.


Storyboard - Original Story

Here is the character sheet and beat boards for my original story idea.
The story revolves around the topic "I Don't Want It" which was given to everyone in my class.
Rough boards are now a work in progress so stay 'tooned for those next week!


Contrasting Characters

Character design: Contrasting Characters.
I designed Prada, the spoiled, rotten, rich pageant girl and Phill, Prada's shy, unsure, self-conscious butler.
One of Phill's character pose sheets is missing so I will scan that in ASAP!!


Finished Painting 01

It's been a while since I've posted anything with regards to this painting... but here it is finished!
This was our first painting assignment for our class and I had a lot of fun playing with the all the different colours.