Thursday, 28 March 2013

WIP Digi Painting

This is going to take a bit of time but I'm feeling pretty good about this.
Here is a WIP shot of a painting I am doing for my digi painting class.
The image is based off of a horizontal pan I had done in my most recent storyboard assignment which will be up next week.
Since I am really focusing on colour this time round, I've been using a lot of reference pictures to help me out.
This also helps with trying to keep me off the monochromatic path which I have been doing all year... oops!


Creature Design Life Drawing

WOO HOO! This assignment was VERY fun!
During life drawing, we were asked to take our model and turn her into a creature of some sort.
The creature had to be completely made up, original, and all of the limbs had to work together as one creature.
I found this to be a great way to challenge myself in seeing how I could make different animals work together.


Zoo Drawings ~ Water colour

Went to the zoo this past Saturday with my boyfriend and classmates...
For drawing animals this time around, I decided to try and take a water colour approach versus just relying on pencil.
I tried to keep all of my drawings very loose so I could study the form of the animals.
I found this to be very useful because when you ignore the crazy details, you can begin to understand what basic shapes and curves make up each animal.


Rough Character Sequence

Here are the drawings for my final character assignment; a character sequence featuring Jackson from one of my previous assignments.
The drawings will be organized and placed neatly on 2 different sheets...


Friday, 22 March 2013

Interior Kitchen Digi Painting

This was a rather fun assignment!!
We were given a drawing done by our professor and had to recreate it in Photoshop.
The characters had be to done in Flash, again based on our professor's drawing, and imported into the Photoshop layout.

Original drawing and composition (c) Mike H.
Recreated digi painting of layout and characters by me.


Production Design Layouts

Second last assignment for layout class.
Here we have 2 production design layouts based on the storyboards that were posted last week.


Muzzle Lip Sync Animation

Second last animation of the school year!
Whoa that was fast!

Voice track is (c) MyChonny on Youtube.
I do NOT own the audio in anyway!
Animation and characters are mine.


Friday, 15 March 2013

Meeting John Musker

Today, me and my good friend Patricia got the amazing opportunity to meet Disney Animation Director John Musker.
(He came to Sheridan and a lot of us were very grateful to get the chance to meet and briefly talk with him!!!!)

He's directed the films Great Mouse Detective, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, Treasure Planet and Princes and the Frog!
John is a fantastic person who is extremely kind and talented.
I got super lucky and was able to get a copy of the book Where is Dead Zero? with John's signature and a message to me in it!

Me with John Musker

His signature in my copy of Where is Dead Zero?

John and Patricia

Zhou Dynasty Character Package

This is by far the biggest character project I have done all year!
We were told to choose a time period and create characters based off of the research we gathered on it.
(You have to create a hero, a love interest, a villain and a comedy character).

I chose the Zhou Dynasty of China and created characters based off symbolic Chinese animals:
Dragon, Phoenix, Fox and Pig.


Character Lineup for Layout

Here are all of the characters used in the TV boards for layout!
Characters were drawn based on description provided.


TV Boards for Layout

Here are my TV storyboards for layout class...
These boards were done based off a story our professor had given to us.
This was my first time doing any type of storyboard digitally and it was a lot of fun.
I tried to practice staying a lot more loose with my drawings this time versus having tighter, cleaned up drawings.
More boards could have been added for sure...


Water Colour Sketching

I just recently got myself a water colour brush that holds water inside of it!
This way you don't need to have a cup of water beside you to use the medium!
This tool is extremely fun and useful, so I decided to try it out before taking it to the zoo next week.
Below are some really quick things I whipped up as trial and error.


Friday, 8 March 2013

Character Sketches

Here we have the sketches of my character poses for class!
Next week they will be cleaned up and refined.


Story Beat Boards + Character Line Up

Here are my beat boards for, I believe, our final project in Storyboard this year.
I'm looking forward to further developing this story!