Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sheridan Animation Portfolio 2011

Here is my Animation portfolio for Sheridan College.
I had received and accepted an early admission on March 29th 2011 :)
Ahaha.. after looking over my portfolio again, I wish I could turn back time and fix all the small, silly errors I made...
Many thanks to Minh, Anthony, Tim and everyone else who took the time to give me feedback on my work!

Enjoy ~<3

The music used in this video is (c) Arashi.
I do NOT own Arashi nor the band's music in anyway!


  1. Dag nibbit Green what a brilliantly fantastic and well deserving portfolio!You have such talent and potential keep reaching for that dream, i mean, if you're this good now, imagine, just imagine how this will change your life =3

  2. Thanks so much Red!
    I really appreciate the kind comment <3 <3
    Aha yes, I to am wondering what will become of my art in these next four years to come :)

    Many thanks again! .xo